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Andrea Adame: Missing Cal State San Bernardino student – Found
Update:  Andrea Adame has been found safe.  It seems she never went to the Coachella Festival, but hitchhiked a ride to Texas, bia big rigs. 

Andrea called a friend on Wednesday night and told them she was in Waco, Texas.  The Waco and Fontana police went looking for her and found her at a beverage distribution place.  She is on her way back to California.

Kudos and thank you to the police.

I will be talking to a producer tomorrow morning that is developing a new missing persons TV show for A&E.  I also talked with a producer for the Discovery Channel a couple of months ago, for one of their upcoming shows.  I am happy to see all the interest in missing persons.

I am closing tonight with a missing college student: 

Andrea Adame, 19, was last seen on April 14.  Andrea attends Cal State San Bernardino and she text messaged her parents to tell them she was going to the Coachella Fest, that started April 15th, and she hasn’t been heard from since.

Andrea is Hispanic, 5’1″ tall, brown hair, brown eyes and 112 pounds. 

If you have any information call Fontana police at 909-350-7720

Goodnight everyone, and goodnight Andrea, where ever you are.

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