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Susan Loper: Manhunt for murder suspect Terrance Black – ARRESTED


Terrance was arrested at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  The police are working on extradicting him.

We have a name for the man that police have been searching for finally.  He is Terrance Black, 48.  Terrance also goes by Rance Black. The police have issued an arrest warrant for him. Collin County show an arrest warrant for Terrance Deering Black for “Capital murder by Terror Threat”

Black is driving a black 2004 Cadillac Escalade with the license plate 058NJJ.  Pictures above is the Rav4 that Susan was driving and the black car is the one that Terrance is driving.  Police are asking that you come forward if you saw either one of these cars.

If you see him please call 972-941-2148.

Police have said the Escalade was spotted near the scene of where Susan’s body was found, near a complex at 2525 Preston Road.

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