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John Walsh talks about Holly Bobo case

John Walsh

Happy Easter, everyone.  I am later than usual this morning, because I am spending time with family.  I will be back up running full force tomorrow.  I did want to tell you about John Walsh‘s interviews with Geraldo and Fox News. 

I think that John should be applauded for what he is saying.  Subtly, he is calling out the family and the Sheriff Dept.  Maybe passively is a better word, but he is bringing up issues that have been on everyone’s mind.

As you all know, news has been sparse with this case.  Most aggravating is what information has been released, has not been cleared up as to what is false and what is true.

With John’s interview on Fox News and Geraldo, I believe he has cleared up some things.  Number one, Clint, Holly’s brother, has not taken a lie-detector test.  John chillingly says, “…if someone refuses a polygraph, then they don’t really care or love that person.” 

Wow!  Wouldn’t you be rushing to the police station so that the police can eliminate you as a suspect?  Of course.  Doesn’t what John say, cause you to reflex back to every other case where a parent, boyfriend, etc., refuses to take a lie detector test, and rethink that case?

John also said, “Police can’t rule out the fact that it could be a predator in the neighborhood.”  He didn’t say the police and I, just police, which makes me think that he may not agree with that thought, and is leaning towards the brother because he has not taken a lie detector test.  Is he thinking the police should be focusing their time getting the brother to take a test?

Number two – John also calls Clint a person of interest.  The TBI said everyone is a person of interest.  The sheriff dept., said he is not a person of interest.  Who do you believe? 

Number three – John is asking Holly’s parents to talk to the media.  Seems that the parents are “hiding” (my word) in the house.  They are no longer talking to the media.  John urged them to come out and start talking again. 

On the other side there may be a reason for Clint not taking a test.  People are generally scared of polygraph tests.  When you watch TV it is made to be a scary thing that you just don’t do, because it is so unpredictable that even if your innocent, you may be so nervous that it shows you’re really guilty. 

And we really, really don’t know if Clint took a test or not.  He could have certainly done it in secret and no one knows except for the family and police.  But, then again, why would you not shout it from the rooftops.  Well, if it came back inconclusive, to many that is the same as guilty. 

And about the t-shirts:

WBBJ news said that the family is having the t-shirts printed up to help them come up with the money for the reward.  (Side note:  Costs for printing up the shirts would be around half of the price of the shirt. )  No information as to what will come of the money if she is not found.   

“We’re going to print one thousand more t-shirts Thursday and hopefully we’ll be able to continue this until we have sold enough to cover the reward the family has offered,” said Steve Hinson of Amerawear.  No word if Amerawear is waiving their printing charges to the cause.  If not Amerawear should be making a nice chunk of change for printing up the shirts.

Holly’s mom said they are selling t-shirt’s so that Holly can use the money for a vacation when she comes back.   I don’t think Holly will be thinking of taking a vacation, if anything she will want to hide behind closed doors with her family.

One thought on “John Walsh talks about Holly Bobo case”

  1. I agree that Bobo's family and close friends, etc., should be willing to take a polygraph test given by the investigative authorities (not done by someone of their own choosing). If they don't, it looks very suspicious.

    But how does John Walsh KNOW FOR A FACT that Clint Bobo declined to take a polygraph test?

    Too many things about this case cast suspicion on Clint Bobo and the Bobo family. They could innocent and just acting oddly due to personal eccentricities, but I strongly suspect they know what happened to Holly and are not being truthful with the authorities and the public. And if they aren't, that's a shame, to put so many people through that much unnecessary effort and emotional trauma on your behalf–it would be a crime itself to do that.

    I cannot find a photo of Clint Bobo anywhere in media report–only Holly's boyfriend. Isn't that strange?

    Why didn't Clint Bobo attend the family press conference, soon after his sister was abducted? You'd think he'd want to show solidarity with his parents and the community at this difficult time. He does not talk to the media AT ALL. I find that odd, too, considering he is the last person allegedly to have seen his sister and the one to report her abduction.

    Why did a neighbor hear a scream, think it was Holly, and call Holly's mom to alert her, and Clint Bobo who was at home, hear nothing? You'd think the neighbor would have to live fairly close to the Bobo home to make a connection between a scream from someone unseen and Holly Bobo.

    If the blood found on the Bobo property belonged to Holly or her alleged abductor, why couldn't Clint Bobo detect something was wrong in the behavior of either/both of them as they walked away into the woods together?

    Why was the mom pretending to sob and sniffle, but no tears (how do you really sniffle (if there is water/mucus in your nose) but not have water come out of your tear ducts when crying?).

    Why is the mom selling t-shirts to raise money from the public for Holly to use to “take a vacation” or whatever she wants? Why don't they use their own money if they want to give her something? Very odd to think of an abducted person, torn by force away from her family and home, wanting to go away again on a vacation, and as a mother, thinking that is a good thing (after supposedly desperate to have her return home).

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