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Melissa Best: Missing Illinois mom found dead

Melissa Best

Melissa Best, 34, who has been missing since April 22 was found dead. She was last seen dropping off one of her kids at a friend’s apartment.

Melissa was found on Monday night in the back seat of her van.  Her van was parked in an apartment complex near routes 45 and 120 in the Grayslake area of Illinois.

Chief George Filenko said based on leads, Melissa went to a location to meet someone, and “at that point, something went wrong.”  A preliminary autopsy report says she was found with opiates in her system. Police also said that she drove to Waukegan to meet two people who she had known for some time.  They believe that Best probably died in Waukegan and her body was driven to Grayslake.

Melissa Best In Laws Arrested

Melissa Best missing

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