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Krista Dittmeyer: Boyfriends brother found in woods

The Conway Daily Sun reports that the brother of Krista’s boyfriend, Richard Acker, 28, and another man, Corey Poland, 25, were found in the woods around Cranmore, Tuesday night.
Krista had been living with Kyle Acker, 26, who is the father of her baby, until June, when he was arrested on drug charges stemming from his selling drugs from the home.   Previously he had been arrested for non payment of child support.
Poland and Acker allegedly told the police that they were out in the woods searching for Dittmeyer, AND they had found her flip-flop, but left it in the woods.  If they had taken part in Krista’s disappearance, would they have left the flip-flop in the woods?
Poland was arrested for willful concealment.
If you remember back the Conway Police Dept. served a warrant on two cars.  One was Krista’s.  Was the other for Poland’s or Acker’s car?  The police won’t confirm.
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