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Aaronne Russell and Aaronne Mitchell: Body found

Update:  Confirmation, both boys bodies have been found. RIP Lil Ronny and Baby Ronny.

Update:  On Saturday, the police have located another body in Lake Pontchartrain.  The ME needs to ID the body, but police have called off the search for the teens after the second body was found.

Sad news tonight.  There won’t be any definite identification until tomorrow, but police believe they may have found one of the missing boys from Louisiana.

A body that was pulled from Lake Pontchartrain may be one of the missing 13-year-old boys from New Orleans.

The body was discovered in a shallow area of water near the Lake Catherine marina, by a fisherman.

The location is about 20 miles east of where the boys were last seen along Hayne Blvd in New Orleans East.

The boys had asked a neighbor if they could take their dog for a walk on Easter Day and were heard talking about going swimming near Lincoln Beach.

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