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Hailey Dunn: Billie Jean talks….a little

hailey dunn
Hailey Dunn’s body has been located.  Do a search to read all the stories about her.
Remember last March, Billie Jean Dunn was arrested for hiding Shawn?  (see story).

Anyway, Billie Jean has been pretty quite for a while now and last Wednesday she was with volunteers handing out missing person posters of her daughter, Hailey Dunn.

This week, Billie Jean talked to Wade Warren of Big County Home page and said a few things.  She said she hasn’t talked to law enforcement for over a month.

But, what is not being said is that law enforcement consider her and Shawn Adkins Persons of Interest, so of course they are not going to contact her.

Billie Jean says that money is getting tight and she needs to get back to work.  She was working at a hospital before Hailey disappeared.  She says she has gotten support from her Uncle, but I think money must have come from other sources that are now drying up, because not many people can afford to pay rent for four straight months without any income.

Billie Jean said that she would rather not comment on Adkins during the interview.  She did acknowledge that law enforcement personnel have inferred any contact with him would make her look bad.  But that didn’t keep her from sneaking him into her house and lying to the cops that he was there.

Remembering back, Billie Jean said in January 2011, that she now accepted the possibility that Adkins could be involved in the disappearance of her daughters, and repeated those same words in March after she was arrested, but she is still hanging around the guy.

Now there is a report that a journalist saw them buying cell phones together and at a motel together, so she is still hanging around the guy. (If anyone wants to confirm that story, let me know).

IMO, There is no way that a mother would hang around a guy that she “thinks” might be involved with the disappearance of her daughter, unless she was pretty naive or part of it.

In Billie Jean’s case, actions do speak louder than words.

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