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Month: May 2011

Tiffany Hubbard: Missing Walmart cashier never missing

Contrary to “other” reports, Tiffany Hubbard, 21 of Convington, Tennessee is not, nor ever was missing. What she was, was mad and she decided to stop talking to her mother and even called her Walmart jobs a  dozens of times to say she wasn’t coming to work. In spite of that her mother would not […]

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College students account for more missing persons that you would think

Update: Sources told WDSU that Rudy “Ruth” Carter, 21, was located in a hotel room there, with other people.  Rudy left the family gathering shortly after talking to her mother on the phone about her grades.”She made her friends aware she was tired of being a disappointment. This all recently unfolded. Nothing could be farther […]

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Michelle Hoang Thi Le: Family offers reward for missing nursing student

UPDATE: 12/10/12 – An Alameda County judge has sentenced Giselle Esteban to 25 years to life for the first-degree murder of Michelle Le.  A jury announced they had found Esteban guilty of killing Michelle Oct. 29, 2011 in Oakland. There are many stories about Michelle on this website.  Please go to the search box on […]

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Missing Persons and the Water

When I am writing about missing people, I do notice patterns.  Many, many people get lost in the woods, probably more than you realize.  You have heard me talk about this before, and I tell people to get personal GPS locators if they are going hiking and even on a long drive, especially in the […]

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Joseph Helt

Joseph Helt missing from New York, since 1987

Missing Person New York Joseph Helt On January 17, 1987, Joseph Helt, 17, and three of his friends were at Sam’s Point Reserve when the car they had been in became disabled.  Joe left his friends and began walking toward Ellenville and has not been seen since. 8/10/12 UPDATE: Gina did an interview with me […]

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Mother who gave birth at motel found, kidnapper charged

Holly Parker Heard and her infant baby have been found. The police located Holly and she told them that she believed her baby was with the woman that delivered her baby, and gave them an address to a home in Marbleton, Georgia. Police found the baby and the woman there and she was charged with […]

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Mother gives birth at motel and disappears with newborn FOUND

Baby has been found. Police are searching for a Georgia woman, Holly Daenette Parker-Heard, 27, and her newborn baby. Police believe that Holly had her baby in the motel room that she was staying at. She was last seen on Saturday with a small group of people outside the motel. The police want to check […]

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Couple missing from Kissimmee after a disturbance

Update:  Perez, Martinez and the Perez’s two children have been located.  Everyone is fine. A Kissimmee, Florida couple are missing. Police were called to their apartment after neighbors heard noises. When the police arrived they found signs of a disturbance. The police are searching for Shaylin Molina Perez, 25 and Miguel Angel Martinez, 32 and […]

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Deborah Heriford: News Story

Two News stations in Colorado found the post I had written about Deborah Heriford on May 21st, from a confidential tip I had received, and they have both contacted me for more information. It turned out that they wanted to know more information or at least to divulge my source. I don’t do that so […]

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Deborah Heriford: Husband is allowed to sell vacant home NOT Debbie’s home

I have getting a lot of attention from the media on the missing Deborah Heriford story. On May 21, 2011, I told you that I had received a tip that Harold, Deborah’s soon to be ex-husband, had a wedding date set to marry, a few days after he was expected to receive the final decree […]

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