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Holly Bobo: Parents release statement

Information on the Holly Bobo case has pretty much come to a stand still.  Her parents released a statement today.

“Please continue to pray for Holly’s safe return,” the statement said. “Keep your eyes and ears open, and search your own property.”

Understandably, the search was called off last week because of the tornado.

“We’re very much still investigating it,” TBI spokeswoman Kristin Helm told The Associated Press. “We just don’t have as many people dedicated to it as we did in those initials days” after her disappearance. “You just can’t sustain that large an operation for a lengthy period of time.”

Why not?  Seems like the townspeople are willing and able.  I am sure if the family and/or the police asked, the volunteers would be right back out there looking for her.

Holly has been missing since April 13th.

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