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Deborah Heriford: Police suspect foul play

How many of you  are saying, duh, right now after reading the title, “Police suspect foul play?”   I think everyone knew almost immediately that there was foul play involved with Debbie’s disappearance.

I wrote about how I wondered if the police would consider foul play if Debbie didn’t show up for her divorce hearing on May 24th, but at a little over 2 weeks before her court date, the police have, finally, said there is probably foul play in the disappearance of Debbie.

“We’ve sort of shifted gears a little bit from this being a missing person investigation,” said Detective Derek Graham. “We now believe there’s probably been foul play involved in this investigation.”

On top of that they said, they believed there is little hope that Debbie is still alive.

Wow, that has got to be a kick in the teeth for her children.

The police tell Debbie’s kids not to talk to the media, then spend 5 weeks aimlessly wandering around looking for her and then when they can’t find her, they say, well, she must be dead, and oh, yeah, it’s foul play.

If you think I am being to harsh, then compare Debbie’s case with Holly Bobo’s case.  Neither of them have been found, but look at the action that was taken to find Holly, and the action taken to find Debbie.  Look at the hundreds of pictures of Holly that is out there and in Debbie’s case there is one fuzzy one.

If your beloved goes missing, better hope it is in a small town in Tennessee.

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