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Kenia Monge: Suspect in her disappearance has been arrested

Travis Forbes

Travis Forbes, 31, was arrested for an out-of-state warrant for auto theft, in Austin, Texas on Friday.  He is also a suspect in the case of missing Kenia Monge, 19 from Aurora, Colorado.

Forbes admitted to picking up Kenia in his van, as she was walking down the street to offer her a ride home.

In my April 14th article I talked about how I questioned Travis’ account of what happened.  Click here to read that story.

Kenia has been missing since April 6th.  She was last seen at the 24 K Lounge, and walked away from her friends and left her purse, cell phone and car keys behind.

After her meetup with Travis, he said that when they stopped for cigarettes, Kenia began talking to a strange man and walked away with him. 

No one has seen Kenia since.

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