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Posting MP’s on Facebook

As a missing person advocate, I completely understand Sam Grobert’s article, “Should I be a Jerk or a Human Being on Facebook.

The article talks about how Sam reacted to a notice that he received about someone that he barely knew had gone missing.  As he calls it, “the 21st-century equivalent to the side of a milk carton.”   Sam responds with these thoughts,

Oh my, I have to repost this immediately. Doing so would take about one second and may contribute — however improbably — to finding this person.
This was quickly followed by:
Oh, but doing so would be sort of a “downer.” This is serious, potentially tragic news. Facebook is place for fun. Furthermore, would I be perceived as some sort of wet blanket on Facebook’s 24-hour cocktail party? Would people think less of me?
About 15 seconds after that thought, my brain settled on:
Don’t be such an idiot. Post it. It may help someone, you insecure fool.

 What he found out after he reposted from his Facebook friends is very interesting.

Click here to read the story, that you more than likely will identify with.

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