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Day: May 10, 2011

Sarah Townsend: Missing New Jersey teen

Sarah Townsend, 18,  left her Florence home around 7:00 a.m.. Monday morning heading for Allentown High School in New Jersey. Around 10:00 a.m.  Monday, Sarah’s car was found parked near Sherman’s pond by her boyfriend.  Her purse and cell phone were still inside the car. Divers have searched the pond but have found nothing. “At […]

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Dawn Allen: Man wanted for questioning killed himself

Dawn Allen from Iowa is still missing and the man that the police wanted for questioning has killed himself. They found James Snovelle in Kansas and as they approached him, he took off and ran across a stream and pulled out a gun and shot himself. With his death, we may never know what happened […]

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Skylar Kauffman: Body of missing 9-year-old found in dumpster Neighbor Held After Girl Killed Near Home: An Amber Alert went out for missing Skylar Kauffman last night (Monday). She was found early Tuesday morning wrapped in a blanket in a dumpster. After you process that grief, I have to tell you that the police were called to the neighborhood two weeks prior, […]

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Rita Chretien: Search continues for Al

Update, August 8, 2011:  Elko County authorities say bones found near the site where Rita was found stranded are not from a human. Rita Chretien who survived 7 weeks alone in her car waiting for her husband to return, is doing better. Her liquid diet has been upgraded to regular food. Rita and her husband, […]

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