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Dawn Allen: Man wanted for questioning killed himself

Dawn Allen from Iowa is still missing and the man that the police wanted for questioning has killed himself. They found James Snovelle in Kansas and as they approached him, he took off and ran across a stream and pulled out a gun and shot himself. With his death, we may never know what happened to Dawn.

I don’t know Dawn, but she seemed like a determined woman from her picture. A woman with lots of love for her children and grandchildren. She probably doted on them, using the money she got from her job at Subway to buy them little gifts. She was doing the best she could in this world. She raised her kids, loved her family, went to work each and every day and was probably kind to friends and strangers a like. My opinion is that she might have been being kind and doing a favor, by giving James a ride home from the bar, when something terrible happened.

I hope that Dawn is found safe and sound.  Nothing would make me happier.

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