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Rita Chretien: Search continues for Al

Update, August 8, 2011:  Elko County authorities say bones found near the site where Rita was found stranded are not from a human.

Rita Chretien who survived 7 weeks alone in her car waiting for her husband to return, is doing better. Her liquid diet has been upgraded to regular food.

Rita and her husband, Al, got lost on their way to Las Vegas from their home in Canada. After their car broke down, Al left Rita behind while he went to go get help. Rita waited 7 long weeks for Al to return. She survived on melted snow and a ration of trail mix and candy, that soon ran out. She lost around 25 pounds during her ordeal.

When two men and a woman searching for elk antlers came across Rita and Al’s van, they saw that it was stuck in a ditch. There were blankets over the windows and a piece of paper taped to the windshield that said “stuck.”

Rita’s family said they are going to remain in the U.S. until Al is found. Searchers from the Elko County Sheriff’s Dept. continued looking for Al. They believe he might have headed to Mountain City.

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