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Gail Palmgren: Missing, husband files for custody of kids

Gail Palmgren

Gail was found deceased.

Hsband has filed court documents while his wife is missing. The docs said that his wife was unstable and was suffering from severe mental illness after she lost her job at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in June 2010. He also stated that she was writing down license plate numbers to identify drivers that she thought were following her. He also stated that ID numbers for three bank accounts containing about $420,000 had been changed by his wife and she had put in a change of address.

I don’t think that Matthew Palmgren, who is the director of pharmacy programs for BlueCross BlueShield, (I’m sure his bosses aren’t very happy with him right now) ever thought that the documents would make the news, but right now I think he looks as though he’s got egg all over his face. Sure, he is probably very mad at his wife, and she may be showing erratic behavior, but instead of getting her help, or searching for her, he decides his time is better spent filing paperwork behind her back.

Hey Matthew, don’t you think you could have waited a bit? You just look like a scared little mad monkey, that is making sure you “get” your wife before she “gets” you in court. Maybe you should find out where your wife is, before you rush to the courts to file paperwork against her.

Oh, by the way, the cops were called to the home twice before Gail disappeared and they gave Gail information on help for domestic abuse.  Hmmmm.   You can read more at the link below.
Gail Palmgren: Missing, husband files for custody of kids – National missing persons |

8 thoughts on “Gail Palmgren: Missing, husband files for custody of kids

  1. Maybe Mathew Palgren is the one who was abused by a devious wife who was unstable, and is trying to protect his children and what's left of his assets. (the ones, Mrs Palgren didn't steal) Perhaps that is why the Examiner should not make slanderous statements, without doing research.

  2. It's only slanderous, if it isn't true. I did look into that possibility, but it was he who isn't looking for his wife, and the cops gave Gail the info for domestic abuse, not him.

    You are accusing her of stealing “his” assets. How do you know that? Sounds like you are slandering Gail. If you have information, please share it.

  3. What about Nancy Williams, whose gone missing from East Ridge, TN? Are the two related?

  4. they could be mathew or a girlfriend…hmmm…just saying..

  5. i am not related at all and i find myself agreeing with anonymous on the slander part. if she had a history of mental instability and was missing at that point (i know she has since been found dead- RIP) then it was logical for him to make that move. if he didnt file for full custody the kids could have been taken by a grandparent or something. plus if he believed she was just having a mental break and wasnt dead, that was the best time to seek custody so that when she returned they wouldnt be sent back to a mentally unstable woman.

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