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Melissa Best: In Laws arrested

Melissa Best
New information has come out about the death of Melissa Best from Illinois.

Melissa was missing for tens days after dropping her daughter off at a friends house.  The police found her in her van, dead from an overdose.

Now police are saying that her  brother-in-law, Clinton and her sister-in-law Sherry, have been charged for concealing her death.

Melissa Best
Melissa Best

Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko recounted the story that Melissa went to an extended-stay motel where  her Sherry and Clinton lived after dropping her daughter off.  While there she injected herself with heroin and fell unconscious.
Sherry had done heroin earlier that day, and did nothing to help Melissa.  Charles arrived at the motel about 30 minutes later and tried to resuscitate Melissa.

Later that day, Charles and Sherry carried Melissa down the stairs to the backseat of her minivan and drove the van to a condominium complex in Grayslake.

Authorities were able to follow tips to Melissa body after receiving tips from a Facebook page they opened after she went missing.

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