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Police searching for missing Guy family of four from Shelbyville

Update: Joseph Guy is wanted on suspicion of violating bond related to a stalking charge. He has been under house arrest.

According to police reports, Joseph sexually harassed a coworker when he was working as a private security guard.  Evidently, Joseph followed the man home and the man called the police and they found zip ties, binoculars and a gun in Joseph’s car.

Here is a  website that belongs to Joseph, showing that he is running for mayor of Shelbyville.  And on BlogTalk radio.

The police are searching for the missing Guy family of Shelbyville, Indiana. They say there is suspicious circumstances, but that is all they are saying.

Neighbors said that Robert and Debra quit their jobs recently.

Someone called for a well-being check on May 10th, and no one was home.
Four members of the family are missing, Robert, 52, Debra, 52, Joseph, 18, and Zachary, 2.  Police gave a description of both of their cars, but have not come right out and said, if they were driving both of the cars or not.

I wish I had more to tell you, but as soon as I know more, I will let you know.  I am wondering since they quit their jobs and just disappeared if they are hiding from bad people or did they steal money and are on the lamb?

Or is there no connection, and there was a home invasion and the family was forced from their home.

Police searching for missing Guy family of four from Shelbyville – National missing persons |

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