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Steven Howard: Body found of North Carolina man

Sadly, Steven Howard’s body has been found in a pond.  The cause of death has not been determined.

Steven went missing on April 28th. He was last seen by a friend who dropped him off in Reidsville near N.C. 150, in North Carolina.

When I wrote this story on May 11th, I was objecting to the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Dept., taking Steven’s name off of the National Crime Information Center Database.  They said it was because witnesses had spotted him in another town, so they reasoned he must have went missing voluntarily.

I did not believe he was voluntarily gone.  I didn’t trust the witnesses accounts and his family did not either.  Steven was subsequently put back on NCIC, a few days later, by the Burlington County Sheriff’s Dept.

Following Steven’s  disappearance, bloodhounds were called to the scene, but were only able to track Steven to Highway 150, which was near where his friend say he had let him out of the car. 
My condolences to the family.
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