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Holly Bobo: Family quietly turns down Psychic’s help

Carla Baron

Missing Person Tennessee

There has been speculation why the Bobo family has turned down the help of psychic, Carla Baron.  Some are surprised reactions, some even speculate that TBI must be close to finding Holly, and don’t need Baron’s help.  I suspect that the Bobo family turned down her help because know the statistics.

If you go back and read my article, “Missing Persons and Psychics” on March 13, you will read where I requested that any psychic that has successfully found a person to contact me.  As of this day, I am still waiting for a response.

Also, in the March 13 article, I quoted Marc Klaas that said, “never in the history of the world has a psychic solved a missing child case” and the fact that the FBI nor media, has ever credited a psychic for preventing or solving a crime.

I believe what happened with Holly’s parents is that the TBI told the Bobo family something similar to what I said in the previous paragraph.  Then they quietly reneged on their request for Carla’s help. (Which came from another family member, not Holly’s parents directly).

Carla Baron

In one article, about Carla and the Bobo family,  Carla is called a world renowned psychic profiler, who has been on several TV shows, but when I did some research I found that those quotes are probably right from her own website, and from the TV shows she appeared on.

The Independent Investigations Group had already done some extensive research on Carla and concluded, in spite of her claims that she has solved fifty cases in the past twenty years,  that “every case we investigated was either solved without Baron’s involvement or remains unsolved.”  You can read their research by clicking here, they also have a list of the cases she said she was involved with.
(Click here to read their acknowledgement of this story.)

Plus, to quote “TruTV’s Haunting Evidence,” the TV show that Carla is on, “has yet to even solve a case.”

Baron has said that, “Psychics don’t solve cases, they assist in providing the unknown, the missing piece of the puzzle.”

Great to know Carla, but what missing piece has helped locate a person?  I am not picking on Carla, specifically.  I never heard of her before this, but if she has found a missing person, name them.  If she has taken the police by the hand and taken then to the location where the missing person is, please let me know.  Even search dogs have lists of people they have found.

My request still stands.  If you are a psychic and you have successfully found a lost person, please contact me.  I want to know, and I am sure the public does, too.

Kelly Steiniger missing from Missouri

6 thoughts on “Holly Bobo: Family quietly turns down Psychic’s help

  1. I agree 100%. Although I do believe that some people possess “psychic” abilities, I have never heard proof of them solving a missing person's case.

  2. I don't know if these psychics actually truly believe they have “magical” powers of if they're just jerks who're after your money, but this must be the most offending way of screwing somebody over. Their kid is missing, they're at their desperate so they'll try everything available to them, and some psychic comes along promising flying pigs and give them false hopes. Shame!

    I've read a lot of articles about private investigators who've been dealing with cases like this and they seem to be pretty good at locating people so maybe the family could give those a try. Good luck and let's hope for the best. Good thing they refused the psychic.

  3. Interesting blog coming from someone who didn't have their mind made up either way before they started doing research on physic detectives. I'm glad you came full circle once you examined the research.

    I wonder what is more likely…that these grief vampires can actually find the “missing piece” and don't want to tell the world about it, instead keeping their help quiet? OR That they are frauds exploiting desperate families willing to do anything to help finding their missing loved one? Hoping that no one will challenge their accounts of “I help the police all the time…just don't ask me to prove that”.

    I say its time these people get all the attention we can shine on them, turn on the light!

  4. Totally agreed with sgerbic. I mean, picture this. If they DO have ( I already feel dumber just saying this) these psychic powers, not revealing the missing person's location (without any form of monetary gain) would be just like holding the missing person hostage and expecting ransom. Just wanted to point out how stupid this whole psychic thing is. We must be hopeful but also realist and logical. Please do not fall for these “psychic” scams.

    Thank you.

  5. I just took it for granted for years that pychics were finding people and to know that they are not changed my whole thinking.

  6. I can't say for sure if the psychic I read about has ever solved a case, but I did find evidence of him finding a location that produced a body.
    The first link is a comment made by Brian on the peace for the missing website.
    The post was made on June 30th 2010

    The search site was Cooper Gulch Park, Eureka, Ca (it was chose psychically)
    first search date 4-21-09 – 4-26-09

    On August 29th 2010 A pelvic bone was found in Cooper Gulch Park, Eureka, CA
    I don't know how a psychic is suppose to solve a case, but I do know this one found something. From everything I read, this guy hasn't charged the family anything. With all the con-artist psychics, it's hard to tell the real from the fake.

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