Joseph Bushling: Car found, search continue for missing soldier

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Update:  5/28/13 –  34 walking miles southwest of Dugway  the car that Joseph had borrowed from a friend. Next they found his hat, but nothing else until this weekend when some bone fragments were discovered.

 Kurt Hadfield from Great Basin Search Team  told ABC4, “We did find some clothes articles and there were some bones that were found that were turned over to Tooele County.”

 It will be a while before we hear if those bone fragments are human, let alone Joseph’s.


Previous story:  The car that missing soldier, Joseph Bushling was driving has been found about 64 miles from the main gate of the military base, Dugway Proving Ground.

Here is an interesting fact, the base is larger than the state of Rhode Island.

Now that they have the car, search teams will have a better chance of finding him.

Joseph called a friend and said his car had run out of gas and although everyone has been looking for his since, that haven’t been able to find him.

Let’s cross our fingers that since they now have a beginning point, that Joseph will be found safe. He is a soldier, so he has been trained in survival. Hope to hear that you are found today, Joseph. Read more at link:
Joseph Bushling: Car found, search continue for missing soldier – National missing persons |

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