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Day: May 19, 2011

Guy Family: Shelbyville family staged crime scene

So, it looks like there is more than just the oldest son, Joseph, that thinks he can bend the law and get away with it.  Police are now saying that the whole family, (minus 2-year-old Zachary, of course) staged a fake crime scene before they left town to throw investigators off their scent. I don’t […]

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Woman confesses to killing unknown boy in South Berwick, Maine

This woman is probably the most hated woman in America right now. Juliana McCrery has confessed (per sources) to have killed her 6-year-old son, Camden Pierce Hughes, the young boy whose body was found dumped on a South Brunswick, Maine dirt road on Saturday. She was tracked down by a citizen who spotted the vehicle […]

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Timothy Pitzen: Search heads in another direction The search for missing Timothy Pitzen from Aurora, Illinois, heads in another direction to the Rock Falls area. Timothy’s father Jim is trying to held himself together while he organizes the funeral for his wife, Amy and holds out hope that his missing son is found. “I don’t know why my wife did what […]

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