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Day: May 21, 2011

Nancy Williams: Search for missing East Ridge, Tennessee woman FOUND

Update:  The body of missing Nancy Williams was found  about 400 yards away from some property owned by friends.   No cause of death was reported and will not be announced till after the ME report. Police are searching for missing Nancy Williams, 68, from Tennessee.  She was last see at her East Ridge, Tennessee […]

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Missing teens from Catasauqua have been found

The teens that left behind suicide notes, saying they were going to jump off a bridge have been found. Mariah Lopez, 16, and Warren Houtling, 16, of Catasauqua, Pennsylvania were found hiking near Bath, Friday afternoon by Colonial Regional police in East Allen Township.  They had been spotted by a motorist as they walked the […]

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Timothy Pitzen: Car seat located

The car seat that belonged to Timothy Pitzen the missing 6-year-old from Aurora, Illinois has been located at his grandmother’s house; which has been confirmed by Aurora police. His Spiderman backpack and new clothes are still missing. MissingPersonsOfAmerica

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Toddler missing, mother found naked walking on highway

Update:  Sophia’s body was found in the Trinity River in May of 2011, and Pedreros was arrested for murder. She was found competent for trial a few months later and she is in jail and is waiting for her trial to begin. Her husband, Robert Parker, can not believe that his wife would harm Sophia […]

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