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Toddler missing, mother found naked walking on highway

Update:  Sophia’s body was found in the Trinity River in May of 2011, and Pedreros was arrested for murder.

She was found competent for trial a few months later and she is in jail and is waiting for her trial to begin.

Her husband, Robert Parker, can not believe that his wife would harm Sophia and has decided to let the justice system do their job and determine what happened on May 20, 2011. 

The police are desperately searching for 2-year-old Sophia, after her mother was found walking along the highway in California.

Her mother, Claudia was not coherent and didn’t remember she had a child and police do not know at this time if she was suffering from a mental breakdown or had taken drugs.

The little girl is still missing as of this evening. My hopes and prayers go to her and I hope she is not alone and scared.

Toddler missing, mother found naked walking on highway – National missing persons |

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