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Debbie Heriford: Soon to be ex Husband to marry

Debbie Heriford is still missing and I have received inside information about her husband.

Debbie is the woman that disappeared in Colorado Springs and her dog was found alone behind a store, with his leash tangled.

Then, the first week of May, police finally stated that they believed they were investigating a homicide, and they didn’t believe that Debbie was still alive.

Now, I have insider information that Debbie’s ex-husband, Harold is getting married on May 29th., at Estes Park to Karen Vindelov of Colorado Springs AND that his soon to be new wife, Karen is currently on administrative leave from her job, and her car was impounded by the police.

On April 20, I wrote that Debbie’s final divorce hearing is on May 24th, which is next Tuesday.  I guess Harold assumes the Judge will okay the final divorce, even if Debbie doesn’t show up, so he is clear to marry someone else.

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10 thoughts on “Debbie Heriford: Soon to be ex Husband to marry

  1. Much to Mr. Heriford's and Ms. Vindelov's surprise there will be no wedding in Estes Park. First wedding date was to be the end of September, then they move it up to May? Nothing like putting yourself before others, hmm? A marriage of 32 years means nothing to him, what makes the mrs-to-be think she will be any different? A woman that he swears he was devoted to for 32 years has mysteriously gone missing and the first thing on his mind is not to make sure his family is taken care of, or that he do what he needs to do to help find her but to get his divorce finalized and to marry the next one in line? Dear Ms Vindelov, maybe this should cause you to sit back and rethink your devotion to a man that discards his family for some random woman he meets on the net. Where will you be in 32 years?

  2. None of this information has been presented before, I wonder why. You must know someone on the inside to get the nitty gritty…..tell us more!

  3. Thanks for the update. I was wondering why the Gazette and new stations haven't been providing coverage. If it were my loved one I would want as much press coverage.
    Your article had inside information and the picture of her husband seems like he got over her too soon. My finger points to him.

  4. I could see that the husband could have killed Deborah, but I am also seeing something else. Is it possible that this new lady in the husbands life could have had something to do with Deborah's disappearance? It's too coincidental and i believe that either the husband or both had something to do with Deborah's disappearance. I hope that Deborah is found alive, but in these kind of cases the outlook isn't as positive. I think the husband and the husbands new girlfriend should be questioned. The fact that the husband is already planning a wedding so close to the disappearance is the main reason to question him. Does Mrs. Vindelov know that her new man's ex-wife has disappeared? If she does and is still with the man then i would question her as well.Divorce is so damaging.

  5. having to pay your soon to be ex -wife 2500 a month is motive for murder many have died for less. seems like we have become a society where the wife is considered disposable like trash . instead of expensive divorces the man just knocks his wife off. this new woman must be desperate for a man. no -way i wanna be dealing with this man under these circumstances

  6. Nothing like innocent until proven guilty. I wonder how many of you speculators would feel if you were in the same situation.

  7. Dear Karen (Vindelov),
    When your new love takes out a large life insurance policy on you take it as a sign. If you marry this man, in my book you are either guilty of helping, or more gullible than any human should ever be.

    To Debbie's children, family and friends. It is my sincere hope an prayer that she be found, and that enough evidence can be collected to help those who are guilty rot in jail until they can burn in hell.

  8. I worked with Karen Vindelov until recently. I also worked with Debbie's daughter, both at the same location. Karen is a very scary and deliberate person. She tried to involve as many employees as possible against the daughter, Christine. When I left, Karen was still on probation for such actions. However, her actions warranted termination. She is just as scary as Mr. Herriford. They think they have gotten away with it and they have not. Eventually it is going to come crashing down on them.

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