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Ramy Gallego: 4-month-old missing baby found

Update:  There was a news conference at 2:30.  Ramy was taken by her grandmother, Ericka Gallego, the mother of Ramy’s father, Rudy.

Ericka has a roommate and was telling people that she was pregnant.   

Jaime Portugal is Ericka Gallego’s roomate in El Monte.  He said that she had been telling people she was pregnant, and had a baby shower.  He said he became suspicious because the baby looked too mature to be two weeks old.

“She wasn’t all there from the get-go,” he said. “She was always a little off her rocker.

Martin Jimenez, a contractor and handyman from El Monte, said he also knew Ericka Gallego and was suspicious it was her baby. He said he went to a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Baldwin Park and there were no records of her giving birth there, and that he alerted police.

Update: There are some early info I am hearing.  Ramy is in El Monte and the grandmother of Ramy is from the Southern California area.  Could she have some connection to the disappearance.

Late last night, I told you about a missing 4-month-old baby girl that was missing from her home in the Contra Costa County town of Knightsen, California.

Ramy Amadea Gallego, has been found.  I am waiting to hear all the particulars and I will let you know as soon as I do.

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