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Mother who gave birth at motel found, kidnapper charged

Holly Parker Heard and her infant baby have been found. The police located Holly and she told them that she believed her baby was with the woman that delivered her baby, and gave them an address to a home in Marbleton, Georgia.

Police found the baby and the woman there and she was charged with kidnapping.

I am sure more will come out about this story. I don’t know if Holly let them take the baby or if she was threatened in anyway, but she has not been charged with anything.

The police were alerted about what was going on, because the staff from the Austell motel called when they found blood-soaked sheets and a mattress at the motel. They probably first thought that someone had been murdered. How strange it must have been when the police realized it wasn’t a murder, but a birth.

I am so glad that Holly and her baby are back together.

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