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Tiffany Hubbard: Missing Walmart cashier never missing

tiffanyhubbardContrary to “other” reports, Tiffany Hubbard, 21 of Convington, Tennessee is not, nor ever was missing. What she was, was mad and she decided to stop talking to her mother and even called her Walmart jobs a  dozens of times to say she wasn’t coming to work. In spite of that her mother would not believe she wasn’t missing until she actually saw Tiffany.
There were a lot of information out there about Tiffany not touching her bank account, (probably nothing in it), and her friends and family saying she would not just disappear.  Even her mom said, “She would not leave like this – this is not Tiffany. She is responsible, she wouldn’t miss work. I’ve raised this child for most of her life and I know this is not Tiffany.”  But,  she did do, just that.

Evidently, Tiffany is mad at her mom, wants to live her life her way, date a guy that her mom doesn’t like, and cut all ties with her mom and Walmart, where she worked, for now, anyway. She can do that, she’s 21.

Sometimes, I hold back on reporting missing persons because of cases like this. That’s why you did not see a post on her missing. I have to evaluate each case I see and using my experience, research and a little bit of “gut” I then decide if I will report it or wait a day. This one I chose to wait.

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