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Michelle Le: Police won’t name person of interest

Update:  The person of interest has been named and is a person from San Diego that knew Michelle when she lived there.  I have decided to not post the name and wait and see.  Why?  Because I have a “hunch” even though the woman has been named a POI that she is not responsible for Michelle’s disappearance.

The Hayward Police Dept. has pulled all stops searching for missing Michelle Le. They have talked to family, friends, and co workers and even served search warrants in their investigation. They have several POI’s they are talking to, and one of them is former female friend of Michelle’s. The police say they have released the woman, AND they are saying she is still a POI.

Michelle was last seen walking to her car in a parking garage at the Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, Calif.

Alright all you fellow sleuths out there, what do you know?

Michelle Le: Police won’t name person of interest – National missing persons |

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