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Deborah Heriford: Permanent restraining order against husband ruled

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Deborah Heriford is still missing, and a Judge has ordered a permanent restraining order against Deborah’s husband, Harold “Bob” Heriford on behalf of his daughter and grandchildren, where he is prohibited from contacting them in anyway.

MPofA has received “inside information” that Bob’s children have, in spite of Bob’s wishes to take control of Deborah’s belongings,  put their mother’s belongings into storage for safe keeping, are paying her bills and putting the rest into savings, which the court is over-seeing.

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On May 24, Bob asked the courts, that the alimony that he is currently paying to be stopped.   His lawyer says the reason is that continuing to pay the alimony would negatively effect Deborah’s financial statements in the divorce, but in the court papers Bob stated that the funds were not being used for Deborah’s well being.

The court must not have agreed with Bob and decided that her belongings being put into storage for safe keeping, paying her bills and putting the rest into savings was for her well-being.

On May 24, Bob did not received a final divorce from Deborah, which I believe was a good call by the Judge as Deborah was not there.  Subsequently, Bob’s marriage plans to Karen Vindelov at Estes Park on May 29th were cancelled.

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