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Carly Jean Lewis: Teen missing from Traverse City Found

Family and friends in TC, Michigan – please keep an eye out for Carly Lewis:

Carly Jean Lewis

Update: October 2011 –  Judge Thomas Powers sentenced Robert Jensen Schwander, 18, to at least 40 years, but not more than 70 for the crime of killing Carly Lewis. 

Update:  Robert Jensen Schwander, 17, of Traverse City was arraigned by video from the Grand Traverse County jail at 8:30 AM, on charges of killing Carly Jean Lewis.  If Schwander is found guilty of the charges he faces life in prison.

Schwander is the son of a Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Update:  Suspect named

Update:  June 16, 2011 – The body of Carly Jean Lewis, 16, was found hidden in a sand pile at Traverse City’s public works complex off Barlow Street.
Searchers found the body hours after a Traverse City man, 17, confessed to killing her, police said. He was arrested and jailed on suspicion of murder.
Update:  Please see link for update.

Carly Jean Lewis is missing from Traverse City, Michigan.  She is 16-years old and was last seen on  June 2nd at home on Webster Street.

She works at Luigi’s and did not show up for work nor pick up her waiting pay check.  She told her parents she was going to a friends.  Carly does not have her cell phone with her.

The family is currently passing out flyers throughout TC and have started a Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Carly Jean Lewis: Teen missing from Traverse City Found

  1. Carly does not have her cell phone because it was taken away a few days before for going over her texting limit. Also she did not tell her parents anything because her mom left the house at 9am. When her Mom returned home she was not there but her Mom thought she had gone to school. They were not fighting. Carly and her brother had a nice night the night before she left, they watched a movie together.

    The other thing is Carly dropped off her dog to a friends house and has not called to check up on him, and her dog is her life. She took her dog everywhere with her. I am Patti Coss, my son, Tony, is best friends with Carly's brother Mitchell. I have been at the house and helping pass out flyers and asking people if they have seen her.

  2. Thanks for the information and keeping readers up to date. If you have anything else you want to share, just let me know-Jerrie

  3. Sadly, it was released tonight that Carly was found dead and a man has admitted to the murder. 🙁 RIP Carly

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