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New clues on cold case of missing toddler disappearance since 1983 near Tacoma

Wallace Guidroz

Stanley Guidroz told the police in 1983 that a man and a woman snatched his three-year-old son, Wallace, but after a thorough search Wallace was never found.

A few years later, Stanley divorced his wife and moved to Louisiana, then last March, Stanley was arrested for murder his wife.  Police say that he was driving around with her body in the passenger seat of his car.  She had been fatally stabbed.

Detectives stumbled across the connection between the man that was arrested for murder was the same man whose son disappeared in 1983.

When the police went to interview Stanley about his missing son, he said that the boy’s remains were likely buried somewhere along Ruston Way in Tacoma, and that is where the police are searching.

What is so very interesting about this case is the news has an old video of Stanley being interviewed by the police.

Stanley Guidroz and Petettra

There is the old adage that if you are looking up to the left, you are thinking about something imaginary, and looking up to the right, you are remembering the past. So, I went back and watched the video, it looks to me as though Stanley is looking up and to the left when talking. What do you think?

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