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Adam Herrman: Trial for theft of adoption subsidy to begin

Adam Herrman
Adam Herrman was 11-years-old when he disappeared in 1999 from his Towanda mobile park home.  Adam was adopted by Valerie and Doug Herrman, who didn’t report Adam missing, although they continued to collect the subsidy provided by the State.
In 2008, Adam’s adopted sister went to the authorities to tell them he was missing which began the investigation into his disappearance.
On June 21, Adam’s parents will go on trial in Butler County to face charges of felony theft from the collection of the adoption subsidy for Adam’s care after he went missing.

The Herrman’s said they did not report Adam missing because they didn’t want to lose custody of their other children, although relatives claim that Valerie told them he had been returned to state custody.
Whether the Herrman’s will be charged with the disappearance of Adam, remains to be seen.
Prosecutor Jan Satterfield in 2009 said the Herrman’s are suspects, and the case is being treated as a potential murder case.  Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet  said he wants to find Adam’s remains and convict who is responsible.
Adam disappearance remains an active missing person’s investigation.


Jerrie Dean, who is retired from Federal Law Enforcement, is the Founder of Missing Persons of America and Missing Texas Forty.

3 thoughts on “Adam Herrman: Trial for theft of adoption subsidy to begin

  1. I have been following this case. It breaks my heart. Adam looks like such a sweet kid. I'll never understand how this happens without “the state” being of aware of this at all…

  2. It's disgusting. I think too often we “ignore” signs or don't ask enough questions. We need to speak up for kids that can't speak up for themselves. Thank you for all of the work you do.

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