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After the weekend updates

As I attempt to get into a normal routine after moving, I was hoping to find this morning that many people have been found, but was disappointed to find not as many as I hoped.
I am typing on my laptop, until my “land” computer gets hooked back up again, so bear with me as I post today. ūüôā
Here are a couple of updates:
IU student, Lauren Spierer, 20, missing from Indiana was featured on America’s Most Wanted and it lead to dozens of tips (and the are going to cancel this show).
Michelle Le is still missing from Hayward.  Police believe foul play, but the family believes she is still alive.
Joseph Bushling, the soldier from Dugway Proving Ground in Utah is still missing.  His car broke down May 8 and even after an extensive search he is still missing.
Ty Sitter of Janesville, Wisconsin is missing after going fishing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

 Missing Autistic 7-year-old John Burton, Jr was found dead in  a Dearborn County  creek.
Melanie Gould, missing Alaska musher was found safe in the woods.
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