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Carly Jean Lewis: Suspect named

Carly Jean Lewis

As expected the small town of TC is upset with the death of Carly Jean Lewis.

“I feel really sick. I’ve followed your articles but never thought I’d be this close to a family going through it … The only one I know is Carly’s brother but they are a really good family. I can’t even bring myself to try imagining what they are going through right now,” said Janet Ford.

“This is just so sad…praying for her family and our community,” said Tracee Oaks from TC.

Robert Jensen Schwander, 17 of Traverse City has been named as the suspect in the murder of Carly Jean Lewis from Traverse City, Michigan.  He was arrested and jailed after confessing to killing her.

The teen is expected to be charged with her murder today said the defense attorney Clarence Gomery.

Carly went to meet Schwander at Glen’s Market on E. Eight Street on June 2 around 6:00 p.m. when she went missing.

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