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Gerald Christopher: Body found in Crum Creek

Gerald Christopher

Missing Gerald Christopher’s body has been located.  Coroner Frederic Hellman says Christopher hung himself from a tree branch. His badly decomposed body was found Wednesday in Crum Creek in Nether Providence Township and his head with a noose around it was found on the other side of the creek.

Gerald was a physical trainer and owned Deep Cuts Fitness in Philadelphia.  His girlfriend said that he was acting despondent before he went missing. 

I hope that Gerald has found peace.

2 thoughts on “Gerald Christopher: Body found in Crum Creek

  1. I am Sylana Christopher. The sister of Gerald Christopher. Many know my brother did not kill himself. I guess that was an easy way just to drop the case of how he really went missing an what took place thereafter. His killer knows, he knew but most of all God knows. Its a shame Radnor police department an Nether Providence could've cared less about this inteligent,successful black man who gave others all of him an designed peace an encouragement in their lives. He was a father, a son a brother,a nephew,a cousin,a uncle,a beliver,a motivator,a friend,a wonderful human being. Someone stole my joy an the joy of many others. The lack of investigation of both police departments an head detective(i wont mention his name) proved that no matter how successful an establish black america is, we still arent good enough to fit in your so called world. The only ones here whom have hung themselves are you an the killers. May God have no mercy on your lives when Karma comes knocking at your door an may your lives be lived unrested, lacked,stressed,misplaced,unhappy an sadly lost as mines an my family is currently. I will never stop fighting for justice an may you never be at peace until the heart of those broken from the MURDER of my brother is at whole again. That will never be so may you always live the rest of your lives in havac an damaging destruction. Want more of this story call me personally. May God give great wisdom an strenght to Joe the Hunter,A&E, the NAACP an all others who have an is currently researching an searching for the truth so Justice can be served. God Bless you all an much love to you. My soul lives on to one day dance with the soul of my brother, Gerald Christopher. I love you endlessly an will continue on to find your killer til my last breath if need be.

  2. Sylana, There are cases that I don't forget and your brother was one of them. I was so hoping that he would be found alive, and the circumstances on how he was found was so sad, and unusual. It just didn't seem to fit. I also wondered about his girlfriends refers to him acting despondent. It just didn't seem right.

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