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William and Lorraine Currier: Suspicious disappearance in Vermont

William and Lorraine Currier
Israel Keyes
Composite sketch
UPDATE: 11/13/13 – The FBI stated that Keyes admitted that he abducted a female victim on April 9, 2009 from a state on the East Coast and transported her across multiple state lines into New York, then murdered and buried her in the Tupper Lake area of upstate New York.

The FBI believe that woman may be Deborah Feldman, 48, who was last seen on April 8, 2009.
“To date, Ms. Feldman’s body has not been recovered,” the FBI said. “Investigators are requesting that anyone who knew Ms. Feldman and may have information about her activities around the time of her disappearance contact the Hackensack Police Department or call 1-800-Call-FBI and follow the prompts for the Israel Keyes.”

UPDATE:  OregonLive has released a detailed article on the Curriers and what Keyes said about their death.  Please note it is rough ready, but informative.  Also the FBI has released a timeline on Keyes’ travels, and are asking if anyone has any information to notify them.  Keyes lived in Washington from 2001 to March 2007, at which time he moved to Alaska.  You can read the timeline by clicking here.

UPDATE:  12/2/12 -Israel Keyes has committed suicide in jail on Dec. 1, 2012, reports KTLA.   At a joint press conference by the U.S. Attorney’s office, FBI and Anchorage Police Department on Sunday, authorities said that Keyes had confessed to the Koenig murder.  He also said he used a chainsaw to break through the ice at Matanuska Lake to dispose of her body.

Keyes also admitted to killing Bill and Lorraine Currier, who went missing in June 2011 and whose bodies have never been found.

“Keyes cut the phone lines of Bill and Lorraine Currier, broke into their home and confronted them in their bedroom at gunpoint. He tied them with zip ties, put them in their car and took them to an abandoned farmhouse. He left Lorraine Currier in the car as he took her husband to the basement and tied him up. When he returned to the car, she had tried to flee, but Keyes caught her and took her to the second floor. When he went back to the basement, Bill Currier began yelling for his wife. Keyes started slamming the man with a shovel but when Currier wouldn’t get quiet, Keyes shot him dead. He then went upstairs, raped Lorraine Currier and strangled her. Although he readily confessed to killing the missing couple, Keyes wouldn’t say where he buried them.” — The Dallas Morning News, Feb 2013.

Keyes also led investigators to believe he had killed four people in Washington State and one in New York State.   No names have been released.  Keyes committed his crimes over a 10-year period. (This info was updated 11/13/13 and now they believe the 4th victim was Deborah Feldman).

UPDATE:  July 20, 2012 – U.S. Attorney Tristan Coffin stated on Friday that “the person believed to have committed the murders (of Bill and Lorraine Currier) is in custody in another state and will remain in custody.”

Law enforcement believe that it was a random act when Bill and Lorraine’s home in Essex was broken into and their car and other items were stolen.  A glass door had been shattered and a phone line was severed.  They also believe that Bill and Lorraine were abducted and murdered, although their bodies have never been found.

Previous story:  The police are asking for the public’s help in finding a missing Essex, Vermont couple.  They have been missing since June 8th.  They left their medications behind and there has been no activity on their bank accounts or cell phones.

A long-haired man was spotted driving the Currier’s green Mercury.  The car was found in a parking lot, not too far from the Currier’s home on June 10th.

If you have any information, please call the Essex, Vermont police.


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