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Jamie Minor: Missing from Austin, Texas Found

Jamie Minor

Update:  June 29, 2011 – Jamie’s body was found lodged in a ventilation duct above a steakhouse restaurant.  Police said that Jamie Minor, a restaurant hostess from Bee Cave, TX, was trying to shimmy her way through the ventilation system leading into Perry’s Steakhouse last month when she became trapped and died.  The Daily Mail said she had a history of mental illness.  She showed up for work on May 23, but her supervisor became concerned about her behavior and sent her home.  She was supposed to wait for someone to pick her up but she was not there when they arrived.  She was not seen after that date.


Previous story:

Jamie Minor, 26, was last seen on May 23 at the W Hotel .  Friends say they last saw her  at Bar 512 on 6th Street.

“I definitely feel that there’s something keeping her from communicating.  That’s the danger I feel,” said Pamela Minor, Jamie’s mother.

Jamie left the W Hotel after she had been fired.  Jamie was working to save money for a place of her own.

Pamela is hoping that someone knows the whereabouts of her daughter and will let her know.

There will also be a fundraiser brunch at Enzo Restaurant and Lounge on Sunday at 11:00 a.m., to raise money for more fliers and for reward money to help find Jamie.


27 thoughts on “Jamie Minor: Missing from Austin, Texas Found

  1. There are many people dealing with a huge loss right now, it really isn't appropriate to be making jokes when something so incredibly tragic has occurred. Have a little respect.

  2. SHAME ON YOU! Would you really be saying that if that was one of your loved ones?

  3. yeah my bestfrieand is really hurt right now you dick. we are still trying to understand it but it deosent make since at all. we just found out the story today. shes been missing for a little over a month. i cant begin to understand the pain her family's in right now. its just a relief that she was even found…and i do think it was foul play but we cant be sure. maybe she was running.

  4. p.s.. she was found in an air duct between the 1st or 2nd floor in a parking garage by her work place..she got stuck and passed away. why she couldent use her cell im not sure. :[

  5. damn.. so like.. what was she doing in there? did she asphyxiate? or go from dehydration?.. i am confuse.. poor girl. RIP

  6. Whoever the person who made that remark you really should stand up and appologize that is the rudest thing I've ever heard when a young beautiful girl with so much life to live tragically passes away and her family had to hear about it on a social network instead of the proper respectful manner they are hurting enough and you make such a disrespectful tasteless dumbass comment you grow up and grow a heart

  7. Everyone should ignore the troll and his or her weak witty remark. Responding to it serves this idiot's purpose (to get a reaction).

    As far as foul play goes – it's not likely. The article says she was trying to get into the building and that it was locked, so she apparently tried an alternate way and got stuck. An article I read on Saturday said she was last seen at her job and that she was fired from her job that same day (but that article cannot be found any longer and nobody is talking about that now). Strange.

  8. Druggies being druggies. Not many normal people would attempt to use an air duct to get into/out of a locked building.

  9. I like dumb girls; there are so many to choose from. Maybe she thought mother gaia would save her

  10. Yep, that's how the restaurant industry is. Fire you at the drop of a hat because you are really expendable.

    Now, how can her sorry mother show her face on the news when her own daughter did not have a permanent place to live? I mean, if my daughter had gone missing and that was reported I would go hide under a rock. Shame on her mother!

  11. How can people be so insensitive. You make me sick. Jamie was a good friend of mine and I'm absolutely heartbroken. I hope you never have to experience a tragedy like this to understand the pain you're causing with these comments

  12. And for the post above mine. Jamie's Mom asked her to come back home time and time again, but Jamie, being the headstrong lady that she was, refused. Don't judge without knowing all the details

  13. i can relate, a mother worries something terrible when the girls just go out and run around and don't come home. you can implore them many times but they may not listen and they seem to have no fear. Girls, please go home to mom, even if there is a little bit of conflict. just take time off from each other for a few hours instead of running off. you may be so much safer and survive.

  14. Hello: does anyone know yet why she was in that vent? I am sorry for the terribly insensitive comments being made by ignorant people here. I understand you loss, having lost my grandson Jul 2012. Please ignore these creeps. They've nothing better to do with their time.

  15. She was using it as a short cut and she had done it many times before, but for some reason this time she got stuck.

  16. She had done it many times before? Why? Why would she choose “many times” to enter her place of work through the ventilation system? Also, how do you know that she did this “many times before”?

  17. Where did you get that information? Why wasn't it in any other articles?

    It doesn't make sense that she didn't successfully before and now all of a sudden she couldn't. It's not like the vent changed shape.

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