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Jamie Minor: Body found in air duct

Jamie Minor

Jamie Minor, 26, has been missing since last month, shortly after she was let go from her hostess job,  and on Saturday she was found in a duct system of a building.

Authorities say that Jamie was using the exhaust duct system inside the Norwood Tower building to access Perry’s Steakhouse restaurant and visit a friend.

Police said she would enter the system on the third floor of the attached parking garage and go down to the next floor, but this time she got trapped between the floors of the building.

Jamie was seen on a surveillance camera, shortly after she disappeared trying to access Perry’s Steakhouse through a side and back door, but her body was not found till Saturday.

11 thoughts on “Jamie Minor: Body found in air duct

  1. So while she was stuck in there starving to death, she got to smell the delicious steaks cooking. I wonder what she did to deserve a fate like that.

  2. This is not something to joke about. A woman who many people cared about is now dead. Those comments are very disrespectful.

  3. It took a while for them to exhaust all the possibilities of her whereabouts.

  4. She was a human being and a friend of my son. The comments left here are rude and disrepectful. How can fellow humans be so callus?

  5. It makes me sad that the death of a young girl is so amusing to the gutless Anonymous. Hopefully people won't be so cruel when you die all alone. Oh wait, you probably are all alone and dead inside.

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