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Lauren Spierer: Jay Rosenbaum passed polygraph test

A few days back I wrote about Lauren’s friends not talking (read here) and this morning found out that Jay Rosenbaum, the last friend to see Lauren before she disappeared, has given a statement and passed a polygraph test, via his lawyer.

“He (Rosenbaum) has provided full statements to the police and passed a polygraph that has also been provided to the authorities,” said James Voyles, Jay’s attorney.

I am not the only one that on the internet that asked her friends to please speak up.  Hopefully, though, if it didn’t pressure Jay, it pressured his attorney to act.  Jay has also closed down his Facebook account and something I believe he would not have done, if his attorney had not told him to.

Bottom line, I am hoping that the rest of Lauren’s friends will follow Jay’s lead and talk.

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