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Morgan Johnson: Missing man from Indiana Found

Morgan Johnson

Coroner postiviley ID’s the remains as Morgan’s.
UPDATE 7/20/13 – Morgan’s car has been found in a pond with a body inside.

The remains have not been identified and the police will wait for the ME to make a positive identification.  

A detective was instrumental in finding the car.  The detective was training on cell phone forensics and used his new found knowledge to find Johnson’s car.  The pond was searched soon after Johnson disappeared but nothing was found at that time because the police stated the water was so murky.  I don’t believe the water became less murky over the years, but this new detective with his new training was able to do what the old police force and their assumed old training could not do.
The new detective contacted a sonar company after he tracked Johnson’s cell phone signal to the area.  A remote-controlled sonar boat located the car.  

Watters says the police never game up on finding Morgan.  “Forensics absolutely solved this case and the fact that (police) never gave up also solved this case,” said Dennis Watters of Watters Sonar Co.

But, social media disagrees and says the police felt Morgan left on his own free will.  

Previous story I wrote stated:  Morgan Johnson, 27, has been missing from Plainsville, Indiana for a month now.  His mother is saying that the police are not doing all they can to find him and site that the Lauren Spierer case is getting more attention than Morgan’s case.

 Here is what is being said on Morgan’s Facebook page after his car was found on Friday:

Please read additional story about Morgan here.

I don’t know if that is true at this point, as I have not done the research on it, but I do know that Lauren Spierer’s case is getting much more media attention that Morgan’s.

(I still stand by this and it is obviously true, because I know most of you have heard Lauren’s name but have never heard of Morgan.)  And if not, you recognize Lauren’s photo and not Morgan’s.

I do my best to post as many people as I can, but if it is a local missing person case, I don’t always see it, until it reaches the national level, so that is why I count on “you guys” to let me know.

Anyway, Morgan is still out there, click here to read more and Lauren is missing and also is Dorothy M. Heard, 74, from Noblesville. (Dorothy Heard‘s remains were found in Feb 2012, Lauren is still missing).

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