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John Skelton: Talks to Detroit Free Press about missing sons



skeletonbrothersJohn Skelton, the father of the three missing Skelton brothers, says that the boy’s are safe.

Andrew, 9, Alexander, 7, and Tanner, 5, have been missing since Thanksgiving and their father, John, says that an underground sanctuary group has them and they are safe.

First, I do  not believe that an underground group has them.  I do know that in the past there was such a group and they intervened on documented abused children, but only when the parent went with the children.  None were known to take matters in their own hands.

Second, I believe that John is delusional.  He told the Detroit Free Press that his mobile phone was in Williams County, Ohio, and not him, and when he woke up the phone was back.  He also said that the group intervened and took the kids, because, “I believe that they implemented their program because I wasn’t doing my job.  I was letting them go back to Tanya.”  Anyone, any “group” could look at the family dynamics and see that Tanya was not a bad mother, she was taking care of her children, and no one would possible feel they needed to intervene and take her sons away from her.  It makes no logical sense that anyone would have “intervened” on Skelton’s behalf.

Skelton vows to stay in prison until he dies, than let the boys go back to their mother.  He is trying to sound like he is making a sacrifice, but not one word about the boys’ welfare being first.  I don’t think the boys would rather be with a stranger than with their mother, and why would Skelton think it was a better idea…because he is either covering up a crime or is the most selfish man in the world. Case in point, he said that Tanya, can take the divorce papers to the park and push them on a swing.

The Free Press is not telling anything new, as Skelton has been regurgitating this same story to the police for months, with a little variation here or there.

IMO, Nothing Skelton says is true.  He is an angry little man, who could not control anything, let alone himself, and plotted revenge on his wife, and sacrificed his children in order to do it.

Bottom line,  no matter what the police or the courts do, he will never, ever say where those boys are.

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