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Casey Anthony Trial: Dr. Drew talks to prosecuting attorney
Casey Anthony:  Dr Drew talks to prosecuting attorney

In an exclusive primetime interview, Dr. Drew talked to prosecuting attorney Jeff Ashton, in the Casey Anthony case. 

Dr. Drew asked Ashton if he thought the verdict would have turned out differently if he had been able to cross-examine Casey.

“If what I’m understanding from those few hints we’ve gotten from the jury, probably not. Because it sounds like their decision was based simply on the state’s case. And I don’t know if she would have said anything that would have changed that.”

When Dr. Drew asked if the jury really saw the picture of Casey’s “unsavory” and “problematic” behavior, Ashton answered:
“If they didn’t see it, it was because they didn’t feel it was important…[The jury] got as much information as they could about her behavior. And I credit the defense with doing a good job in trying to make it look like mental illness without saying so, because they couldn’t. There was no mental health defense asserted so they really couldn’t argue that…but it was good.”

Casey Anthony is to be released from jail on Sunday.

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