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I have many requests to post on missing persons from my readers, but I have had limited time as my mother needed some care.  From the “big” move, to my mom and life in general, I haven’t had as much time to write.

Thank goodness my oldest son stepped in and helped me get my mom back on track.  It looks as though she has a rotary cup injury in her arm. If you remember back I had her at ER trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

She was diagnosed with arthritis in her neck, but now with a new doctor we find it was not her neck, but her shoulder.  No wonder she wasn’t getting any better, they were trying to fix the wrong thing.  With her suffering with the pain over the last 3 months, she has lost 30 pounds, and she scared the heck out of me, when I walked into her home and she was laying still on the couch.  She looked like a skeleton, and it was time for me to get her a new doctor, and with the help from my silver-tongued son, she had one in three days.  We paired the new doctor, with Meals on Wheels (who I can’t say enough kind things about) and a housekeeper.

Now that we have found a doctor whose diagnoses seems to make sense, it will only be a matter a time before her and I will be haunting the thrift stores again.

I am working on some new stories, tonight and tomorrow and will post throughout the weekend, 🙂  and should be back on track mid next week, with stories and tips and leads, you have never heard about before.

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