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Leibby Kletsky: Missing 9-year-old found in trash dumpster

 Warning the following information may be disturbing for some

The angels cried today…

The body of missing 9-year-old,  Leibby Keltsky of Brooklyn has been found.  His poor little body was found in two different dumpsters on 4th Avenue and 20th Street.

Levi Aron, 35, was arrested for the crime. According to the NY Post, Aron was arrested after the child’s severed feet were found in his freezer.

Early reports are coming in but an official announcement has not been made and no official confirmation that it is Leibby.

The remains were found by a patrol car checking the trash container which had its lid open.

Leibby disappeared on Monday while walking home from day camp.

Comment:  This is a horrific despicable crime.  My heart goes out to the family.  They protected their child, they watched their child and one time they let Leibby have a little freedom and walk a few blocks by himself the devil rises up and takes him.  Let’s hope the punishment is swift and fast for the evil person that did this.

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