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Leiby Kletsky: Man charged with murder says he took Leiby to a wedding

Leiby Kletsky
Levi Aron

Levi Aron, the man that was charged with killing 9-year-old Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzky made a confession to the New York Police Dept.

He said that he would have returned the boy to his parents if the community had not gathered in mass to search for the boy. 

He said the boy asked him for help, so took the boy to a wedding in Monsey.  Yes, that’s right, he took Leiby to a wedding.  When they returned he had the boy sleep over, planning on taking him home the next day, but when he saw the intensity of the search he became afraid and killed Leiby.

I personally don’t know why Aron is telling this story, obviously because he thinks that it doesn’t make him seem like such a monster, i.e., it’s the public’s fault, they made him do it, he had no choice.

But, before you begin to think that a community searching for a missing child is a mistake, think about his actions before the murder, and this is assuming he’s telling the truth.

No normal person would find a lost child and take them to a wedding.  Aron knew all along that someone would be searching for this boy, and instead of finding a police officer, he takes the boy.

His reason is hogwash and should not change the way that we search for a child, and not one member of the community who feverishly searched for Leiby should feel they did the wrong thing…ever.

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  1. It's a sick person that would take and kill an innocent. Liebby, you didn’t make it to moon in this lifetime, but with your outstretched arm, you’ve slipped the surly bonds of earth and gone to touch the face of God. RIP

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