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Jacque Sue Waller: Husband named person of interest

Jacque Waller

In June, I wrote about the disappearance of Jacque Sue Waller, a Missouri mother of triplets, and now more information on her disappearance has come out.

Jacque, 39, was last seen by her estranged husband at his house in Jackson, MO, and now some of her business cards have been found on the street.  The Southeast Missourian says that Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield business cards for Jacque were found Monday on Missouri Route 177.

Police have talked to James “Clay” Waller, Jacque’s estranged husband and he says they had an argument and he hasn’t seen her since.  Jacque had driven to Clay’s home on Woodland Drive, after her June 1 divorce hearing to end their 17 year marriage, to pick up Maddox, her 5-year-old son, who turned out not to be there.

Clay Waller

In June, Jacque’s Honda Pilot was found abandoned along highway 55, with a flat tire.  Previously, per Clay’s statement, it had been left at his home in the driveway and Jacque had walked off angry after an argument, leaving it behind.  Clay also said, he left his home and when he returned, the car was gone and so was Jacque.  Police have said they think the abandoned car was staged to make it look as thought there had been an abduction.  Note:  Whoever left it there, rode away on a bicycle.

Jackson Police Chief James Humphreys has named Clay a person of interest in the case.  Clay used to be a Sheriff’s deputy in Sikeston and Cape Girardeau and now owns a trucking company in Cape Girardeau.  He is known locally as “Triple C.”

Unconfirmed comments from witnesses say they saw Clay and Jacque an hour before they disappeared in Cape and they were towing a boat with a truck.

Blinkoncrime  reported their sources confirmed “a man matching Clay Waller’s description was seen driving a blue Honda Pilot near Neal Avenue after 5 AM with a fishing boat on a trailer…”

Currently the three children, Maddox, Avery and Addison, who Jacque conceived through vitro fertilization, are in the custody of Jacque’s sister, Cheryl Brenneke.  Jacque had been staying with her since she left her husband in March.

If you have any information leading to the discovery of Jacque, please call the Jackson Police Dept. at 573-243-3151.

Pertinent addresses:

525 S. Hope St., Jackson, MO
1121 Woodland Drive, Jackson, MO
North Neal Street, Jackson, MO
Fruitland, MO
Farmington, MO

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