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Susan Powell Father-in-law to post Susan’s journal

The father-in-law of missing Susan Powell is planning to release the journals written by her when she was a teenager.

Steve Powell says the journals show that Susan was an “extremely troubled” teen and that she was “sexually open”, which he feels support his theory that Susan left with another man.

“The journal shows that Susan would have definitely done what we suspect she’s done.  I don’t think she was abducted.  I obviously don’t think she was murdered.  I don’t think she committed suicide,” said Steve.

I,  personally hope that no ones goes to the website and reads Susan’s journals.  Why?  Because it belongs to Susan, not Steve, not Susan’s husband, not even her parents, but Susan only.   I wish there was some way, it could be stopped, and I don’t see why not.  It’s her property, her words, her writing.  Isn’t it copyright infringement for him to post her journal without getting her permission?

Besides my thinking that what he is doing is not legal, I think it’s not very ethical.

Steve says that he is trying to show that she ran off with someone, but all he has to do is show it to the police, to do that, he doesn’t have to show it to the whole world.

If you have any information about Susan Powell, call West Valley Police Department: 801-840-4000

Susan Powell, 28, went missing in 2009.  Her husband, Josh Powell, 34, is a person of interest in her disappearance.  He said he took his two sons camping in freezing temperature in the Tooele County Desert around midnight and when they returned Susan was gone.


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  1. It is probbly unethical to post it, as it is a “private” document – however, there is no implied copyright, so unless it was marked as copyrighted, it is legal to post.

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