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Kristin Smart: Missing Cal Poly student’s story to air on Vanished!

Kristin Smart

Earlier this year, I did a very thorough report on missing Kristin Smart.  I talked with Kristin’s mother, Denise and Dennis Mahon who were a wealth of information.

This case was very complicated and has been going on for years and subsequently there was a lot to report on it.

Luckily, Denise and Dennis gave me lots of details and information and with that and my research, I was able to write a very detailed 3-part story, that has twist and turns like a suspense movie, with the conclusion of “where are they now”  which is guaranteed to surprise you.

As always, my hopes in writing about cold cases is that the media will pick up on it and bring it back to the public’s eye.

Many times producers will read MPofA to pick up ideas for their TV shows and Kristin’s case was one, and I am happy to say that the TV show Vanished! will be telling Kristin’s story.

Denise, posted an announcement on her Facebook page about the airing of the show on the Lifetime network and she wrote, “Kristin was abducted on May 25, 1996 from Cal Poly. The suspect remains free. Many witnesses remain silent! Please  help us find that someone who holds a key to finding our precious daughter! Our hope lies with your support and help!”

Take a few minutes and follow the link to the 3-part story I wrote on the case, so you will have a thorough understanding of what happened.

In particular, you may want to read the conclusion “where are they now“.  You may be most interested to find out where the Sheriff who worked on the case is now.

The segment is scheduled to air Monday on Lifetime. Check your TV listing for the time in your area.

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