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Paige Johnson: Grandmother must take down MP flyers

paige johnson

Missing Person Covington Kentucky Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson is the teen mother that disappeared from Convington, Kentucky on September 23, 2010.  Read more here. and also go to the search box above and type in Paige Johnson to read all the stories I have written about her.

Paige’s grandmother, Jenny Roderick, has been posting flyers all over her Northern Kentucky town to remind everyone that Paige is still missing, but now she has to take them down.

The City Manager of Covington says that they have to come off of the utility poles because they’re illegal.

“We still want people to know that she’s not found.  And that, you know there’s tons of people that lover her,” said Jenny.

paige johnson
paige johnson

Jenny can put the flyers up on store windows and bulletin boards, but she says that some business won’t let her.

A spokesperson for Convington Police Dept. said an officer received a complaint so he asked her to stop putting them up and take down the ones that were on the utility poles.  The city manager says it doesn’t matter what the flyers say it is a city ordinance, but he also said he has no intention of being insensitive to her family.

Maybe you can take a few moments and share this on your Facebook page or go to Paige’s Facebook page and share to help Jenny get the word out that Paige is still missing.

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